This week the 100 Word Challenge was not about a picture, instead anyone who wanted to accept the challenge had to use five words. They all had to be included in the writing, but can be in any order. The key is to plan beforehand so you get them all in and it tells a story.

The words are:  Professor    Crocodile    Purple    Twisted    Difficult

Challenge Accepted

“I can’t do it.”

“Come on,” said Sam


“Please Professor. . . do it for the crocodile.”


It was on the news, it was everywhere! This Professor was going to save Clarence the Crocodile. He was so sick that he was Purple!! No one knows what happened to him, but Clarence was a special crocodile; he’s a twisted saltwater crocodile.

Professor Mark is a person who will take on difficult tasks and complete them. One time he learnt how to fly!  But helping a very sick crocodile wouldn’t be too easy. His last words to Sam were…

“Challenge Accepted.”